Pick-it: most promising tech start-up in Belgium


Anyone who has never heard of Pick-it in times of robotics must urgently open his eyes.

This start-up from Leuven, which makes picking robots smarter, was recently named by Trends as the most promising tech start-up of Belgium on the Trends Pitchers Day. After barely a year, the company of Peter Soetens, Ruben Smits and Bert Willaert clocks to a turnover of one million euros. More than 100 customers from Europe, the US and Asia were enthusiastic for the software package that gives eyes to picking robots.

To give the software an extra push and visualise their message, they wanted a 3D virtual animation. DammiD is proud to have taken part in this project, providing the sounddesign and music.

How did the idea come to life and what are Pick-it’s plans? Read the full article on the Bloovi website.

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