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CRM integrations

Channel your sales to get the most return out of your sales and marketing actions. Automate flows to optimise your time spend.

Why would your need a CRM?

A CRM is an ideal tool to keep track of all your possible sales, after sales and recurring business. Intgerating a CRM with current tools your business uses makes it even more powerful.

A CRM has the ability to be the single point of thruth. It aggregates all communications with and info about your customer, letting you focus on your KPI’s.

Channel your leads

It’s important to differentiate between the desire for a product and purchase intent. Just because someone wants what you offer, doesn’t mean they’re a qualified sales lead.

Creating targetted marketing campaigns and using a CRM to track and measure lead generation activities enable sales team to reach out to those qualified leads. Channeling their leads lets them get enough information to convert that lead into a possible deal.


Would you like an example?

For this sales campaign we’ve integrated a CRM seamlessly with an Email Marketing platform and E-commerce.

Why integrating your CRM

A CRM needs to be a tool that works exactly how your business needs it to work. Every company has its internal flows. Ofter there is a large diversity of different tools that are used to get the job done.

One of the most comon issues of adding another tool, a CRM, is the fact that it creates extra work. Sales teams need to input the sames data in different platforms. 

With CRM integrations we skip the copy-pasting and go straight for efficient work flows. 

We partner up with Pipedrive. Why?

There are many CRM platforms. Dammid is licenced to work with several of them. None the less we’ve partnered up with Pipedrive.

It’s one of the few CRM platforms that allows you to integrate with multiple other platforms, without adding high subscription costs for it.

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