Every company needs a digital presence. But not every approach should be the same. We transform our customer’s needs into creative, innovative and tailor made marketing solutions.


Digital Marketing

360° digital marketing solutions transforming your marketing into Digital. We help our customers reach their clients on the platforms they use through email marketing campaigns, presence on social media, bannering, lead generation, online advertising, micro marketing campaign,…


Digital Transformation

Change is the only thing constant. Digital transformation has become imperative for all businesses, small, medium large. Be it automation, logistics, software, retail,… delivering a good digital business experience to customers and employees requires the use of-of new innovative business application.


Google optimisation

SEO, SEA, SEM, … Create solid foundations for good ranking and search results. Real SEO is the meticulous process of testing, analyzing and fine-tuning integrated site and page-specific strategies to deliver short and long-term ranking success that results in real conversions and real sales.



Your website is one of the first places where your customer will check and decide wether or not they like your brand or what you do. Webdesign has become more then just making a website. User experience and the customer journey are key in getting your customers to convert.


Video & animation

Moving images become more important and dominant in catching the attention of your followers. They tend to get a higher interaction. This media can be used for promoting your product, service or putting together an energetic activation campaign. We produce creative movies, promotional films, company spots, 3D animations,… that draw the attention.



Does your digital approach make sense? Are you getting the expected return? Our digital consultancy is based on using the right tools and methodologies to reach the requested goal. We deliver a clear digital vision, strategy and roadmap for your business, brand and/or company.

"360° isn't just a skate term"

Digital marketing has become critical for business growth.
Whether you’re emailing customers with personalised promotions,
queuing up a social media campaign, or revising your organic SEO,
these are all necessary pieces of a 360-degree digital marketing strategy.


A 360-degree approach is about taking a broad and all-encompassing
view of your entire customer journey, from discovery to purchase,
across multiple devices and touchpoints.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is all about attracting customers by creating relevant and helpful content. We create content and design it to address the problems and needs of your ideal customers. Using the right strategy will then ensure you that your content creates traffic towards your website in every stage in your customers journey.

Some of our projects

Dammid Digital Marketing Eva Dew Fashion Store
Dammid Digital Marketing Eva Dew Fashion Store

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SEO and UX go hand in hand

SEO optimisation has changed a lot the past few years. It has become much more than just optimising your page titles. It’s also about site speed and user experience (UX), and great content is obviously a huge part of it. In a holistic approach, SEO has a...

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