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Winetime VIP event

Email marketing, CRM, marketing automation

The Challenge

Winetime is a wine dealer in the western region of Belgium. Every year they have an event where their customers can meet some of the wineries in person.

This year, because of the Covid quarantine, that event couldn’t be held. So we had to come up with a plan to make up for some of that revenue loss.

The Solution

We came up with an idea to hold the event 100% online. Instead of bringing the wineries to the wine shop, several films were made. In each film a winery presented themself. 

With a email marketing automation strategy we send several automated emails to Winetimes customer base. Some emails were triggered based on other being opened and/or clicked. 

The scope was that customers would subscribe for an online VIP event, receiving an unique code. That automatically created a deal in the CRM. When, during the checkout on the special VIP website, the customer would insert that code, that closed the deal in the CRM.

Creating this loop, Winetime had 100% controle over spendings, effort and return.

The result

Over 300 customers got a golden ticket with their own personal unique code. During the email automation flows we could analyse traffic as it went along. That way we were able to adjust on the spot, generating a much higher open and click rate than traditional campaigns have.

What we’ve done

Email marketing

Defining a strategy, write content, setup an follow-up campaign

CRM & automation

Setup CRM sales tool and integration with email marketing tool

Digital marketing strategy

Defining digital marketing strategy based on company goals

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