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Does this mean the end of Social Marketing?

For some time now social marketing is shifting. The landscape is changing, engagement is changing and users are changing. Today's user is very aware of what he or she wants. Is the golden age of Social Marketing over? Exponential growth During...

Pick-it: most promising tech start-up in Belgium

Anyone who has never heard of Pick-it in times of robotics must urgently open his eyes. This start-up from Leuven, which makes picking robots smarter, was recently named by Trends as the most promising tech start-up of Belgium on the Trends...

SEO and UX go hand in hand

SEO optimisation has changed a lot the past few years. It has become much more than just optimising your page titles. It’s also about site speed and user experience (UX), and great content is obviously a huge part of it. In a holistic approach,...

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