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E-commerce for the yearly winter sale

The Challenge

This wasn’t the first year they organise a winter sale. But up until now everythin was on paper. 

Every year they had to go through a large paper trail. Endless lists of orders and lots of Excel sheets to do the necessary calculations. Once the sale was closed, all orders needed to be sent to their suppliers.

Their question: “how can we digitalise this flow and sale?”

The Solution

We focus on digital transformation, so this project was exactly our cup of tea.

For starters we build an E-commerce so that all orders could be digitalised. This would also reduce the load on their administration since customers could pay directly online.

Once every order is complete, the digital integration part kicks in.








Customer sattisfaction

Developing an integration between multiple platforms

A customer complete his order. Then the first integration kicks in: the creation of the list for the order picker with all the info he/she needs to prepare the customers order.

Next, all ordered products are inserted on a list, divided per supplier and pick-up address. At the end of the winter sale all they have to do is send this list to their supplier, and done.

Used Tech Stack



WordPress & WooCommerce


Zapier as system integrator

Digital transformation tools

WooCommerce, G-suite, Google Sheets, PDF generator

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