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Leerwijzer private school

New branding, new website & digital marketing

The Challenge

Leerwijzer is a well know Belgian private school. Branding and website needed to get an update. Also they wanted to adapt a well-defined marketing approach. 

The Solution

We designed a new brand identity and applied that to all their online and offline marketing.

Next we developed a brand new website. Special attention was spent to making it mobile ready and optimising in order to get a better Google ranking.

We redefined their marketing strategy and presented a presence on all relevant platforms. 

The result

In the first months following to the launch of the new website, we saw a huge increase in traffic. 

This traffic was generated by “on point” social marketing, good content marketing and well performed Google optimasation.

What we’ve done

New website

We developed a brand new mobile ready website.



An entire new branding

Digital marketing strategy

Optimised digital marketing strategy based on company goals

Digital innovation

Implementing different digital tools and creating automations

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