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LAWCOM law firm of the 21st century with focus on the client.

The Challenge

We want a total makeover and rebranding that will give a high quality look and feel to debt collection and lawyers. A first impression should be that of quality and professional service. The new website and branding need to take place in a bigger picture drawn in an annual marketing strategy. New customers need te be engaged and existing customers nurtured.

The Solution

We developed the new website and added some automations. For example: subscribers to the newsletter get an automated series of mails over a determined timelaps, educating the subscriber and pushing traffic towards the website. To make sure the website gets a good ranking in search engines, the annual marketing plan provides monthly optimisations to website, content and articles. Well planned and funnelled sales strategies need to increase the number of active customers.

Increase engagement and traffic




Google optimisation


Email marketing


Sales strategies

Accomplish brand awareness and credibility

In less than a few months the results were already measurable. After doing a short survey, people confirmed getting a more professional and business approach. The number of new customers went up. Having very relevant blog articles made people sign up automatically to get these right into their mailbox.

What we’ve done

Mobile refresh

Create a website with great attention to user experience and mobile ready.

Drive traffic

Optimise search engine ranking to get a better organic traffic towards the website.

Sales strategies

Develop sales strategies to engage new potential customers and convert them into active clients.

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