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Veiling Hoogstraten

Video commercial to push the brand

The Challenge

Veiling Hoogstraten is one of Belgian’s biggest strawberry auction. They work with over 100 fruit farmers who deliver their fresh strawberries every day. strawberries used to be only available a certain time of the year. Using new and better techniques those farmers have been able to get them all year through. Hoogstraten asked us to create a video commercial to push that message to the public.

The Solution

This message needed to be loud and clear, and most of all simpel and easy to interpret. Strawberries all year long means available in every season. Each of them have their own specifics, so that’s where we focus on and what we used to create the story. Hoogstraten strawberries, available in every season.

The results are

The video commercial was used on different channels to make customers aware of the message. It was published on social media, used as a tv commercial. Some images where even printed so they could be used als stickers on trams and busses.

What we’ve done


Scenario writing

Based on the requested message, we wrote the script and scenario.


We organised a casting to select the right actrice for the job.

360° project

We arranged the set, got all the props, shoot the commercial and delivered the final cut to the client.

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