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Commercial video to promote mothers day

The Challenge

Fleurop Interflora wanted a way to promote their E-commerce. Using they online shop people can order flowers in almost any part of Belgium. Just choose the bouquet you like, fill in you details, shipping address, pay online and a local Interflora dealer will deliver them at the requested moment.

The Solution

There is always a reason for flowers, but some occasions are really fit. One of them is mothers day, a day to give some special attention to your mom. So what better way to give her flowers. We created a story where a kid messed up his gift and needed a quick fix. Using his smartphone he orders a nice bouquet online and fixes his in problem just in time his mom notices.

The result

We made a video commercial that could be used for online publicity as well for tv commercial. The entire project was worked out by our team, from script, to casting, to directing on set and post production. The result was this video commercial in Dutch and French.

What we’ve done


Storyboarding & script

We wrote the script and put down the story board for the video commercial.

Directing & casting

We directed the entire video and casted the right people to send out the correct message.


Postproduction of the video ready for as well online as television use.

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