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Drive On by Alphabet

An easy platform to find your perfect used car.

The Challenge

Alphabet is one of world’s biggest B2B leasing companies. After every leasing contract those cars turn back to Alphabet and sold on the private market. This process was managed up until now with a very complex and long series of actions. Lots of different data is gathered from lots of different sources.

Alphabet asked us to create a platform that optimises and automates these complex processes. We followed them from process analysis to design and development.

The Solution

Drive On by Alphabet automates different flows that ables Alphabet to publish their cars on the B2C market using their network of official resellers.

Drive On is a mobile ready website with a powerful engine that drives a back office that manages the entire car life cycle from the moment Alphabet purchases it the first time until the moment it’s ready for the B2C market. The platform brings together all information gathered from different sources in one single point.


More automated processes


faster imput




Customer Intelligence

Developing a multifunctional platform to meet multiple needs and objectives

After benchmarking Alphabet’s offer and performing a in-depth competitor analysis, we were able to propose technical specifications, design and development technologies able to reconcile the objectives of the target with those of the company. Drive On by Alphabet is a platform that meets Alphabet’s objective to reach potential customers and deliver the right tools to their resellers to be able to sell better.

Drive On is a platform that serves the need of their customers, resellers and employees.

Used Tech Stack



Laravel as PHP framework

Development infrastructure

Docker as development infrastructure and Webpack for the build


Front-end framework vue.js, bootstrap as framework html/css

Server infrastructure

AWS services and Jenkins for the deploy

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