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Beste Belgische Wijn

New website & competition tool

The Challenge

Beste Belgische Wijn wanted not only a new website but also a tool that would help them be more efficient during the tasting day. This competition takse place on one specific day, all wines are tasted and the winners are made public. The publication process must run smooth and fast as the press and competitors are anxiously awaiting the results.

The Solution

A part from a brand new website, we innovated the subscription flow. Wine houses can susbscribe to the competition directly on the website, filling in the module with all required questions for each wine they want to sign up. 

For BBW we provided a flow that automatically provides the detail pages for each wine that wins a medal, just by uploading the file with the results.

The result

Publishing the results of the competition went from a manual job to an automated job. Where before they had to syncronise 3 team members, now within 5 minutes all results are published on the website, each one already in the correct medal category. 

The brand new website add to the continuously innovative caracter of the contest and assists to its growing professional appearance.

What we’ve done

New website

We developed a brand new mobile ready website.

Automated flows

We automated the subscription flow.

Publication competition results

We developed a flow that permits them to easily publish the results from the backend.

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