The Man Up North – Transform

Creating a music video from scratch

The Challenge

This is The Man Up Norths first video clip and is meant to be a result for years of hard work and preparation. This year they’ve been fine tuning the record they’ve been working on over the past years. Transform is their debut music video.

The Solution

We’ve been present from the very beginning as the front man “Jochen Theys” is DammiD’s co-founder. After setting the vibe in the song, we started to draw the lines for the video. For the filming we went on location for several days using drones for the amazing top shots of the woods and garden. All of this together with our partner Steffen Verpoorten.




Gig requests


Accomplish great screen play and credibility

During post production all pieces of the puzzle were put together, creating an amazing debut video for The Man up North that has already served as publicity for over 15 gigs all over Belgium.

What we’ve done



We’ve create the movie script based on the lyrics and feel of the song.

Story boarding

After the script was defined, we used the mood used in the song to set the stage and feel of the clip.


filming and production

From organising the set to production and post production.

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