Robot vision made easy

The Challenge

Pick-it is one of Belgian’s most promising tech start-ups from 2018. They wanted a way to explain in a simple way what they do and ho companies can benefit of using their software. And they wanted all this without being to technical.

The Solution

We’ve taken part this project creating the sound design and music for this 3D animation that was created from scratch. The focus was on the KPI’s if Pick-It that separates Pick-It from the rest of the software on the market. Adding an inviting soundtrack with emotional triggers at precise moments during the 3D animation keeps viewers focussed the entire duration.







Demo requests


Customer satisfaction

See the full 3D animation

What we’ve done


Sound design

During storyboarding we added the sound design for maximum synchronisation between sound and image.



Based on the full story board and sound design we put together the sound track.

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